Beyond any Gravity is about Evens, an engineer who is a test subject in a research project on local gravity change on the space station Daedalus. During the first test of the Gravity Glove, a serious anomaly occurs that puts Evens in a parallel world of the space station. With the help of the Gravity Glove, he must now find a way out of the anomaly that will otherwise corrupt him. 
As the protagonist Evens, the player explores the abandoned space station Daedalus to find new paths and information that will bring him closer to the solution.

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The pre-alpha contains one level in which the player initially has the task of performing a few simple actions in the test chamber. After the anomaly, the only task is to escape the labs.
The level starts in the locker room of the test facility, through a loudspeaker voice the player gets first information and instructions on what to do. There is also a small mini-game to teach the basic controls. After the player has entered the test hall, the speaker reports back and explains the task, you have to match three cubes to the color in the test chamber, for this, you need the gravity prototype. In the middle of the test, the speaker reports again and points out strange signals during the test to the player, but is still not very concerned about the situation. 
Because of the speaker's frequent communication with the player, the difference is supposed to be particularly great from before the anomaly, to after the anomaly, when the player is completely on his own. If the player has correctly assigned all the dice, the anomaly begins and the player awakens afterwards in the test chamber. The interior is now gloomy and red abstracts float in the air.
The player must now find a way out of the facility; if he succeeds, the pre-alpha is completed. A large lobby is planned for the full version, which will serve as the starting point for several other levels. 

The finished game offers an entertaining time in which the user deals with the topic of isolation in a playful way. In the pre-alpha of the project so far, the player can first use the basic mechanics. Users with an interest in storytelling, sci-fi, exploration and puzzles will be addressed by the setting. On the one hand, with discoverable notes, story enthusiasts are addressed to further explore the mystery of the anomaly. By using the prototype in the game, the player can open up new paths in the levels and avoid hurdles that would normally be impossible to overcome.
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